About Me

I am originally from Millington, TN (Memphis area). I moved to Utah in 2011 to attend college at Brigham Young University. I met my wife my final semester of school through mutual friends in our apartment complex, and, through the help of a photography class, began dating near the end of that semester. We just celebrated 3 years of marriage and look forward to many more.

I love sports, T.V., music, movies, reading, watches, bags, EDC (everyday carry items that people use on a daily basis in a variety of professional and recreational settings), and technology. I also enjoy blogging, and reviewing books and movies on Goodreads and Letterboxd, respectively. Some of my favorites include:

Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals

Basketball: Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies

Football: Tennessee Titans

Hockey: Philadelphia Flyers and Nashville Predators

College: BYU and University of Memphis

T.V. Shows: Big Bang Theory, Get Smart, Stargate SG-1

Movies: Back to the Future Trilogy, Bourne Trilogy

Books: Jason Bourne series, The Martian, Tuck Everlasting, Of Mice and Men

Color: Orange

My Education and Experience

I graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders in 2013. In 2016, I completed a Master of Education in Special Education from the University of Idaho. Most recently, I earned a graduate certificate in Assistive Technology Applications from California State University at Northridge.

I worked as a direct support professional once I completed my Bachelor’s degree. I worked with adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, as well as adults with Cerebral Palsy. I went on to be a case manager for individuals applying for Social Security disability benefits. I began working as a substitute teacher during my final semester of graduate school. I worked in special education resource and self-contained classrooms, as well as in general education classrooms that contained students with developmental disabilities. I also consulted other teachers on assistive technology in the classroom.

Why I Chose Special Education

I focused on advocacy in my Master’s program and had every intention on working with adults for the rest of my career. One of my mentors in graduate school suggested I turn to teaching instead, believing that my advocacy skills would be more efficacious and valuable as a teacher. I decided to test this advice by being a substitute teacher. Sure enough, the words of wisdom were correct, and I found myself liking and excelling in the world of education.

Adults with disabilities face many challenges. Policies are not the best, and answers to problems are not as clear as some may want to believe. I do not give up hope for adults with disabilities; rather, I believe the first step in helping adults succeed is preparing them at a young age. I know what students face as they enter the workforce and adult services. I am committed, therefore, in preparing them sufficiently for what lies ahead, without slashing dreams or encouraging fictitious realities.